Netflix / Lupin 2023



With more than 238 million subscribers in over 190 countries, Netflix is one of the largest entertainment services worldwide and offers access to a large selection of diverse series, films, documentaries, reality and comedy formats as well as mobile games in numerous languages. For the launch of the new season of “Lupin”, Netflix wanted to generate very special attention and asked for a cooperation with the Festival of Lights Berlin.

Idea / implementation:

The streaming provider Netflix became the main partner of the 19th Festival of Lights 2023.

At the start of the new season of “Lupin”, the series hero suddenly finds himself in the light of the well-known and popular festival. The master of hide-and-seek has appeared all over Berlin. And at 5 main playgrounds at once. “Have you seen Lupin”? Was that his shadow on the Oberbaum Bridge? Was it him greeting you from the Brandenburg Gate and climbing down Charlottenburg Palace? Just as quickly as Lupin appeared, he disappeared into the Berlin night.

For all those who were unable to discover Lupin, the long-awaited 3rd part is finally available on Netflix.

The Festival of Lights team has produced a never-before-seen, spectacular 3D video mapping show for Netflix. 5 different scenes in 5 locations. Always different – always spectacular – always just like Lupin.  Lupin’s ingenious game of hide-and-seek in all its facets. A scenario like this belongs on Berlin’s most famous landmarks: the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, the Hotel de Rome, Charlottenburg Palace and the Oberbaum Bridge.

To give visitors even more impressions of Lupin, he appeared on the mobile LED wall and in all the Festival of Lights media for 10 nights.

Success: Brand mission accomplished!

Around 3 million visitors enjoyed the imposing productions and impressive images of the 3D video mapping shows on Berlin’s landmarks.

The NETFLIX commitment was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion via the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.

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