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For 15 years, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has transformed Berlin into a magical world full of light art and creative XXL productions. The capital becomes a gigantic stage and its landmarks, monuments, buildings and squares become stars on stage. Accompanying events, adventure tours and activities complete the festival experience.


2019 brach das FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS alle Rekorde: Über 3,2 Mio. Besucher waren dabei und staunten. Hinzu kam eine weltweite Media-Resonanz mit rund 4 Mrd. Kontakten. Damit hat sich unser Festival zu einem der größten eintrittsfreien Events in Deutschland und einem starken Tourismusmagnet für Berlin entwickelt.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is more than a classic event. It sees itself as an international communication platform with integral networking of light art, cultural program and well-founded marketing concept. This includes the presentation of topics and messages from our partners.


More and more national and international companies, brands and institutions are discovering our communication platform and using it for unique performances in mega-format. Because only the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS offers the exclusive opportunity to use the environment of famous landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Berlin Cathedral as an imposing setting for your own performance.

Auf dieser Website stellen wir ausgewählte FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS-Projekte unserer Partner vor. Konzipiert und produziert von unserem Team. Magische Momente in Berlin – inszeniert mit der schillernden Vielfalt der innovativen Lichtkunst…

Branding & Marketing


The experience of the past 15 years has shown that our festival platform is versatile and can be perfectly integrated into existing partners' marketing and communication strategies - for example:

  • Emotionalising Brands - The brands of the partners stand out in the strong emotional backdrop.
  • Accompanying Launch or Relaunch - Introducing products and services into events that are "unique".
  • Promotion and Advertising - Through integrated demos, shows and promotions, the partners can specifically inform and generate interest.
  • Customer contacts and VIP care - The USP of lighting staging arouses the interest of customers and stakeholders and ensures high contact numbers.


The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS stands for the show performance of the future and offers a worldwide unique setting. This makes it particularly suitable for innovative ways of marketing and communication - for example:

  • Live communication - The company's or brand's appearance as part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will be an unforgettable experience that everyone is talking about.
  • Visual Storytelling - The stage of the festival offers the ideal setting to tell stories with strong pictures in an impressive format.
  • Social Media - The presentation at the festival creates great visuals that go around the world via the social media booster.
  • Gamification - The light productions can be combined with competitions and interactive public actions that turn viewers into contributors.

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Every year in October, Berlin becomes the capital of light art. With the light stagings on landmarks, buildings and squares, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has achieved a quality that sets standards worldwide. We do everything we can to further increase this quality.

Only the best national and international light artists present installations in public space, transform Berlin together with us into a large stage on which visually stunning stories are told. In doing so, we not only stage individual buildings, but also large squares in 360 ° or even entire city quarters.

Not to forget: Every year, numerous well-known celebrities and influencers from Hollywood star Julianne Moore to fashion designer Wolfgang Joop are included in the event to give the festival a special flair.


Behind the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS stands an accomplished team that has been realizing events for 25 years and light art shows for 15 years. Above all, the groundbreaking 3D mapping shows are our specialty. Over time, we have staged several hundred of these multidimensional spectacles in Germany and around the world.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS offers comprehensive support for our partners. This begins with individual concepts for the light stagings - tailor-made for goals, messages and budgets - and goes as far as the complete realization of the productions and the flanking communication work. High quality is also a firm requirement for all projects of our partners.