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Since 2005, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has transformed Berlin into an enchanting world full of light art and creative stagings. The city becomes a giant stage and the landmarks, monuments, buildings and squares are the performing stars. Diverse events, adventure tours and activities all around the fascination of light make the festival a cultural highlight.

Our FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has become one of the most popular art and cultural events in Germany and a strong tourism magnet for Berlin. With more than 2 million festival visitors per year and more than 1 billion media contacts, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS offers far more than just a classical light festival. We see it as an international communication platform with an integrated network of light art, cultural programs and sound marketing concept. This includes the spreading of themes and messages important to our partners.

More and more international companies, brands and institutions are discovering our attractive communication platform. They use the platform for their visual storytelling, to emotionalise their brands or to present campaigns.

We would like to present selected FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS projects of our partners. We have developed an individual concept for every cooperation - tailor-made for campaign content, budgets and targets.

Magic moments in Berlin - staged with the dazzling variety of innovative light art ...

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Every October, Berlin becomes the city of light art. The light installations on the landmarks, monuments, buildings and squares make the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS one of the most elaborate and popular light art festivals in the world. National and international artists present installations in public spaces and transform the capital into a large stage. They tell stories, draw attention to the hidden, present cultures and arts, convey messages. We also stage installations in whole Berlin districts and entire neighborhoods!

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin has become an important tourism magnet and economic factor in recent years. With more than two million festival visitors, more than 650,000 additional nights and more than 1 billion media contacts, it is now one of the most well-known light art festivals in the world alongside the festivals in Lyon, Sydney, Moscow and Eindhoven.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is an innovative city marketing tool! It achieves unique success in the field of tourism and business promotion, increasing awareness.

Take advantage of our years of experience to bring the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS to your city. We offer you our professional support for a fast and extremely effective implementation. Of course, with your desired content and identity.