Unique LightSeeing Tour presented by Avis



Idea: Test drive with the best views

In 2018, Avis car rental and the French automaker DS Automobiles partnered with the Festival of Lights for the first time. They had a challenging task for our festival team: to highlight the brand-new premium SUVs “DS 7 Crossback” and allow as many visitors as possible to experience the model’s advantages.

Our idea was to offer exclusive VIP tours in comfortable DS 7 vehicles under the slogan “Lightseeing.” Through a giveaway, the two partners generated broad interest in the Lightseeing tours, making them a coveted attraction of the festival. Everyone wanted to hop in and explore the festival in style.

Implementation: Fantastic event for car enthusiasts

The lucky winners took the wheel themselves and enjoyed a 90-minute tour along a predefined route, stopping at all the festival highlights. Winners were particularly impressed by the new perspective on the light artworks, as the DS 7 Crossback’s glass panoramic roof allowed them to comfortably enjoy a full panoramic view while sitting.

The Lightseeing tours were promoted on all festival channels and announced during prime time on high-reach Berlin radio stations. The DS 7 Crossbacks used for the tours were in high demand and consistently fully booked.

Result: Pure emotions

The Lightseeing idea was a festival premiere and delighted everyone who participated. The tours became an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Avis and DS 7 used the festival to evoke emotions around their brands and promote the new model. Thanks to the strong media resonance, our partners gained broad attention, positive perception, and many new customer contacts.