The Treptowers as Artwork

Idea: Transforming Berlin’s Tallest Office Building into Art

The Treptowers complex, opened in 1998, is situated directly on the Spree River, featuring a prominently visible high-rise building. It hosts businesses, federal authorities, and even an art exhibition showcasing over 500 contemporary artworks.

Standing at 125 meters, the high-rise is the tallest office building in the capital. For the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019, it was set to become an impressive artwork in its full size.

Implementation: Art Projection with Magic Mirrors

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS turned the distinctive high-rise into a 125-meter-tall, colorful kaleidoscope. The huge projection became a coveted photo opportunity for festival visitors as the facade facing the Spree was illuminated. The magnificent, fractal, ever-changing color patterns of the kaleidoscope were reflected sparklingly on the surface of the Spree. This fantastic reflection captivated countless photography enthusiasts.

Result: The High Art of Attention

To create high attention, one must provide outstanding visuals. The spectacular art projection, combined with the media presence in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Multimedia Channel, garnered high visibility and offered a new perspective on the Berlin Treptowers.