Brandenburg Gate, Hotel de Rome, TV Tower ◆ presented by The Climate Pledge

The Climate Pledge, Brandenburger Tor 2021


Idea: Climate initiative presents its messages emotionally with light art.

The Climate Pledge is a community of companies, organizations, individuals and partners from around the world. They are all fighting the climate crisis with direct measures to decarbonize the economy. After all, it is companies that have a major influence on the course of the climate crisis. And this is precisely what makes them responsible for adapting their processes on a global scale. The initiative aims to support companies in developing ambitious roadmaps to play their part in overcoming this challenge.

Implementation: 3D mapping shows the beauty of our planet, which can only be preserved through a careful interaction between people, technology and nature.

With 3D video mappings at three particularly prominent locations, the climate initiative presents its message to an audience of millions: on the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin TV Tower and the Hotel de Rome. The three shows “Man”,” Nature” and “Technology” – artistically outlined the paths to greater sustainability and a reduction in carbon emissions. They are a blueprint for the preservation of our planet and affirm that people must take up the challenge of the century.

The ” Man” artwork on the Brandenburg Gate expressed it: The future lies solely in the hands of Earth’s inhabitants. However, successful change on such a large scale and within a short space of time can only be achieved through a united and consensual effort undertaken by business and society. The task is huge, although it can be accomplished together.

The “Nature” show on the facade of the Hotel der Rome featured vivid graphics, breath-taking visual effects, moving images and incredible colour worlds to show the beauty and vulnerability of different regions and habitats of our planet. It pointed out how each of these places will gain by improving their carbon footprint. There was a forest that heals itself. A frozen world that is thawing again and where water can flow. Or oceans that are full of healthy life. The surrounding buildings on Bebelplatz and the Humboldt University on the other side of the magnificent boulevard were integrated into a holistic 360° staging. They supported the story with wonderful motifs from the world of plants and animals.


“Together we are strong, but even stronger with the technology we create.” This was the theme of the “Technology” video show on the Berlin TV tower. Science is the most powerful agent of change, touching all areas of the economy and social and private life.


The exclusivity of the locations attracted attention. Thousands of visitors attended each evening. A walk from Alexanderplatz near the TV tower, past Bebelplatz and up to the Brandenburg Gate offered further exciting installations in addition to the three attractive shows. The emotionality of the #ChallengeAccepted appeal was reinforced by the harmonious and yet very vivid sound, images and colours of the mappings. The initiative and its message resonated both with people and businesses.