Brand staging ◆ Rausch chocolate house


A Chocolate House in the Jungle

Idea: 100 Years of Chocolate Delight for the Eyes

For over 100 years, the Berlin-based chocolate manufactory Rausch has continually reinvented itself, creating exquisite chocolate creations with the highest quality standards. The focal point of this sweet paradise is the Rausch Chocolate House at Gendarmenmarkt, where chocolate enthusiasts from Berlin and around the world gather.

With a carefully curated large-scale projection on the facade of the Chocolate House, the traditional brand aimed to evoke emotions and bring the passion for chocolate into the public eye.

Implementation: Facade Projection with Jungle Atmosphere

At Gendarmenmarkt during the FESTIVALS OF LIGHTS in 2018 and 2019, visitors were transported to the exotic homeland of chocolate. During the festival, the wild jungle of Costa Rica conquered the facade of the Chocolate House. The colorful facade projection served as a luminous tribute to the origin of the exquisite cocoa varieties that Rausch uses for its chocolates.

Outside, the jungle scenery reminded visitors of the homeland of chocolate in Costa Rica. Inside the house, guests could explore an experiential exhibition to learn more about Costa Rica and its cocoa plantations.

Success: Projection as a Visitor Magnet

The jungle-themed art projection magically attracted the attention of festival visitors, sparking curiosity about the chocolate brand’s world inside. As a result, the Chocolate House experienced a significant increase in visitors during the festival period.