Seeing Macau through different eyes.

Mission: Raise awareness about Macau
Macau was previously an insider tip as a travel destination. Most visitors to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2015 did not know much about the country and its people. The show at the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz changed that. With artistic impressions, visitors were shown the fascination of Macau and were encouraged to take a trip.

Idea : A sensory journey of discovery
Impressive images and traditional sounds, which made the life of the metropolis between Asian flair and Portuguese heritage tangible to the senses, took the audience on a short trip to the Far East. The images awakened wanderlust and aroused curiosity for more.

Implementation: Macau with multiple perspectives
“Marketplace of Culture” is a permanent format of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The intention is to introduce festival visitors to other countries and cultures. In 2015, Macau was in the spotlight. None of the usual sightseeing films. With an artistically emotional 3D video mapping show in panorama format and accompanying marketing measures, the country, its culture and art were presented to a wide audience.

The result: Impressive!
2 million people watched the show live on the Hotel de Rome and were thrilled. Countless social media posts and photos reflected this enthusiasm and brought Macau into the viral conversation.

Active marketing across platforms added extra resonance to “Experience Macau” in print and online media, prompting many vacation enthusiasts to think: I must see it!