Living in the Brandenburg Gate?

Mission: Shining a Spotlight on Everyday Living

The United Nations declared 2012  the International Year of Cooperatives, and in Berlin, the tradition of housing cooperatives runs deep. Against this backdrop, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team, in collaboration with 22 Berlin-based housing cooperatives, decided to take the theme to an unexpected location – the Brandenburg Gate. Visually, it transformed into a hub for cooperative living.

Concept: Cooperative Living as an Eye-Catcher
The secret to success lay in the contrast. On one side, the grand, symbolic gate; on the other, the small, comforting realm of everyday living. Our show seamlessly blended both worlds, creating a captivating spectacle. The Brandenburg Gate morphed into a residential masterpiece, with lights flickering behind the windows, offering a glimpse into the lively community within.

Implementation: Unassuming Spectacle
Surprisingly, it was the unspectacular images of real house fronts, windows, balconies, and front doors – emblematic of cooperative living. While these buildings shape Berlin’s landscape in many neighborhoods, on the Brandenburg Gate, they took center stage, becoming a truly spectacular showcase. The 3D video mapping show ran for ten evenings, every ten minutes, totaling 300 runs. Each iteration featured the cooperatives’ logo, capturing the attention of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Result: A Rally for Cooperative Living
The cooperatives seized the opportunity to vigorously promote their concept. Every evening featured incentives for tenants, the press, and influencers. Extensive marketing and media strategies achieved widespread public attention. Additionally, conferences and meetings were strategically scheduled during the festival to delve deeply into the cooperative idea.

Partner: A Unified Effort of the Cooperatives
Gilde Heimbau headed the representation of 22 Berlin housing cooperatives.