FÜRST: A Location with Strong Personality

Idea: Majestic “Fürst” Impression

Berlin is a city that is constantly evolving. New location projects are continually undertaken and completed. Often, these projects introduce themselves to Berliners and their guests for the first time at the Festival of Lights. In 2020, there was a major novelty to behold.

Everyone knew the old location as the “Kudamm-Karree,” but little was known to the public about the new usage concept. On Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s boulevard, FÜRST emerged as an innovative metropolitan meeting point in a location rich in tradition.

The creative team of the festival made the transformation into the multifunctional metropolitan meeting point FÜRST tangible for everyone. The old square was a thing of the past! Everyone could see how the once hidden and intricate ensemble transformed into a spacious area for shopping, gastronomy, culture, and office spaces.

Implementation: A show that surprises.

The existing 102m high-rise building, which was undergoing extensive renovation, took center stage in the elaborate 3D video mapping. The new strong personality of the property unfolded on its massive facade, allowing Festival of Lights spectators to experience the new FÜRST feeling in advance.

After a brief journey into the history of Kurfürstendamm, the new FÜRST opened up. Spectators found themselves on a spacious, public square, looking around. The dynamics of the metropolis were palpable on the square, but at the same time, it offered space for retreat and relaxation. The video mapping showcased the new offerings for work, shopping, fitness, and entertainment on a grand scale at 102m. This included the new theater, providing the traditional “Komödie am Kurfürstendamm” with a new, comfortable home.

Success: Successful prologue for the grand start.

FÜRST cannot be measured by normal standards of a shopping center and office building. It takes a special medium like a multimedia XXL light installation to announce the new multitalented location on Kurfürstendamm appropriately.

The light show on the high-rise immediately made people forget the old square and piqued curiosity about the new beginning. Thus, an unknown project turned into a new top address for the Kurfürstendamm boulevard.