Canadian Embassy

Canadian Embassy

Idea: Dialogue also works through visual storytelling on building facades. This creates a different, rarely achieved proximity between the embassy country and Germany.

The embassies in Berlin are the diplomatic, permanent representation of another state in our country. They are the residence of the ambassador and have the task of engaging in dialog with our government on many issues and topics. This also includes the Canadian embassy.

Implementation 2021

The embassy’s video story focused on Canada’s role as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2021. And what was there for visitors to see? An infinite universe of books, texts and letters, of course, embedded in a digital flow that played with the architecture of the building.

Implementation 2019


Success: embassies showcase their work and present their countries. The dialog with citizens is successful.

Since the festival began, various embassies in the German capital have participated in the FESTIVAL of LIGHTS, including the Canadian Embassy on several occasions. The reasons for their involvement vary – sometimes it is a special event that connects the embassy or the embassy country with Germany or Berlin, sometimes it is about a topic that is to be shown to a large audience in the media during the event year. But sometimes it is simply the desire to draw even more and better attention to the important work of the embassies. With the stories on the building facades, the embassies manage to get close to the people through the media.