Zespri™ Green and SunGold™ kiwis


Kiwi producer Zespri™ is based in Mountain Maunganui, on the northern of New Zealand’s two main islands. The aim is to support people, communities and the environment through the benefits of kiwifruit and to provide consumers worldwide with healthy and tasty Zespri™ Green and SunGold™ kiwifruit.

The task was to translate this message into the Festival of Lights in such a way that the benefit of the culinary enjoyment of Zespri SunGold kiwifruit would reach a large audience and increase enthusiasm for this product.

Our aim was to present a show that emotionalizes the product and turns it into art; and at the same time a show that shows the beauty of New Zealand.


The perfect location: the famous Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz!  One of the most popular and frequented places at the festival. We produced a brilliant 3D video mapping show for Zespri™ and illustrated the fruit in lush green and radiant gold.

The 1-minute, emotional and colourful show told the origin of kiwis in New Zealand and fascinated with beautiful nature sequences. Two personified Kiwi figures – the Kiwi Brothers – danced merrily across the facade of the Hotel de Rome in the finale and enchanted Bebelplatz into a golden sea of Kiwis.

Zespri played a significant role as the main partner of the “Golden Night,” a traditional festive highlight where we invite the partners of the Festival of Lights. In addition to entertainment, well-known personalities, and culinary delights, we naturally offered our guests Zespri kiwis to be enjoyed in various ways.

Success: Brand mission accomplished!

Hundreds of thousands of visitors marveled at the impressive staging and carried the impressive images of the Zespri shows at Bebelplatz around the world.

The Zespri™ commitment was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion through the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its global billion-strong reach.

Zespri™ Green und SunGold™ Kiwis