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Museum nights with T-Rex on the facade

Idea: To show evolution in action

The Museum of Natural History on Invalidenstraße is one of the oldest museums in Berlin. On 6,600 square meters, it presents rare and valuable objects that document the development of life and the diversity of nature.

A video mapping show on the facade of the museum aimed to provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of evolution. At the same time, the interesting and informative presentation was intended to draw special attention to the museum’s research and science.

Implementation: Video projection with animal superstar

In 2019, the Museum für Naturkunde was part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS for the first time. Together with Berliner Sparkasse, it presented a remarkable four-minute 3D video mapping show that brought the museum to life on all ten nights of the festival. The main character of the show was Tristan Otto, a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex that had been on loan to the museum since the end of 2015.

In the show, he met Sparky, the Sparkasse mascot, and together they presented the prehistoric world to the festival audience. Numerous accompanying events, from a children’s party for young researchers to a torchlight tour, made it possible to experience the exciting world of research and science relating to nature.

Success: everyone loves Tristan Otto

The museum’s appearance at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019 attracted many visitors and a large media presence. And the show on the museum facade became an absolute crowd favorite.