Stromnetz Berlin

Idea: Making people’s eyes light up

Stromnetz Berlin became a Berlin state company in mid-2021 and wanted to communicate this change to the general public.

The company supplies around 2.4 million customers in the capital with energy. With a distribution network of over 35,000 km, the company guarantees a secure and reliable power supply for Berlin.

Implementation: 3D video mapping “The future of energy”

The mapping drew the futuristic versions on the topic of energy in an electrifying mapping on the most famous of Berlin’s landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin is on its way to becoming a leading smart city metropolis. Stromnetz Berlin is supporting the city and its residents with the development of pioneering technologies. The smart city requires openness, participation and networking. State-of-the-art infrastructures and in particular the smart grid – an intelligent electricity network – will form the technical foundation. As a networked system, it will become the backbone and catalyst of the energy transition.