Konzerthaus Berlin and Sony Music Germany Headquarters ◆ presented by Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH



Idea: Arriving in the German capital

In 2020, the New York-based entertainment conglomerate relocated its business, previously coordinated from Munich, to Berlin, covering Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, as well as Continental Europe and Africa. Being part of this city makes the employees very proud and they want to show this by participating in the festival.

Implementation 2021: We are Berliners now!

As there was no big celebration in the year of relocation due to the pandemic, the company made two big statements during the festival. In Schöneberg, the new headquarters in Bülowstraße was transformed into a space for futuristic video animations, it was completely regional and dedicated itself to the colourful diversity and historical club scene of Schöneberg with a 3D video mapping. Sound waves visualized rainbow colours, “jagged” movements presented high tones and soft waves analogous to the wave form that would cause bass tones.

At the concert hall on Gendarmenmarkt, a marvelous video mapping show depicted the development of music and used photos to commemorate Sony Music’s greatest artists. Self-moving piano keys introduced an exhilarating journey through time. It began with the gramophone and continued through the record player to the long-popular music cassette, which was inserted into a Sony Walkman. Curtains opened and closed, the whole facade shifted, sparkled and glittered. The mapping ended with a modern collage of the current Sony Music Family.

Success: SONY MUSIC stands as one of the most thriving companies, and it’s now firmly rooted in Berlin.

The company boasts a rich history of success, with technical innovations like the Workman being integral, alongside music stars who share their art under its label. Showcasing this positive image instills a sense of pride and fosters fan loyalty to the brand. The recent move to the new company building in Schöneberg was explicitly emphasized, as the actual transition occurred somewhat quietly, and not everyone was aware of this significant step yet.