Mauerbrunnen ◆ presented by BUND

BUND: A bright light for biodiversity

Idea: Green belt on a sinking wall

In Invalidenpark, not far from the main railway station, there is an extraordinary work of water art. The “Sinking Wall”, known by Berliners as the “Mauerbrunnen”, is reminiscent of the former border wall that towered nearby and the Church of Mercy, which was demolished in 1967.

The sloping walls of the fountain provided a perfect projection surface for a unique environmental project by the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) and the Interreg Danube Transnational Program. We all need an intact and diverse ecosystem for a good life. One such ecosystem is the “Green Belt”, a 1,400 km long green belt with fascinating natural landscapes along the former Iron Curtain. The light projections on the sloping walls above the water plunged right into the lush diversity of the Green Belt.

Implementation: pure nature – in magnificent images

Every evening after dark, the nature of the Green Belt came to life. The Berliners and their light-loving guests paused for a moment and experienced varied landscapes with their flora and fauna. Otters could be seen frolicking in the sun next to golden arnica flowers. A black stork stalked through the watercourse, passing a hidden tree frog. Golden fritillary butterflies fluttered over green landscapes, while wild ivy overgrew the last relics of old frontier times.

In the darkness of the park, the scenes projected onto the monolithic fountain walls were particularly impressive and captivated the audience.

Success: message with a profound effect

Light projections go deeper, much deeper, right into people’s hearts. No data or facts were needed as proof for a convincing presentation of the Green Belt, because the images of the natural landscapes alone were touching and convincing.

The numerous festival spectators felt nature, its vitality, but also its vulnerability. And they took home an important message: the Green Belt is a unique refuge for animals and plants that needs to be protected and cared for.