Victory Column ◆ presented by Mastercard

Mastercard: All-around fascinating

Idea: Hello Berlin!

In September 2020, the international payment and technology company Mastercard made its debut at the Festival of Lights. With an all-around fascinating 3D video mapping, Mastercard illuminated the Victory Column in all directions. The spectacular light show was part of the current “hello mastercard” campaign, promoting secure, contactless, and mobile payments with a diverse greeting.

Implementation: Inspired by Diversity

The golden statue atop the Victory Column (affectionately called “Goldelse” by Berliners) sent diverse messages of greeting around the world. The messages made it clear that people worldwide can take pride in their diversity and that we can only have a livable future together. Various nations, faiths, cultures, genders, and interests united in multifaceted color worlds on the illuminated Victory Column.

The audience could stroll around the Great Star and admire the show on the famous Berlin landmark from all four directions. The diversity of people and life came alive: “hello diversity.”

At the peak of the show, the entire column, from the red granite base to the column drums, bathed in the same shimmering gold as the goddess of victory at the top. Sophisticated 3D mapping effects opened the huge golden cloak. As if defying gravity, the individual parts of the landmark began to float freely in space and drift apart, only to merge with the monument again in the next moment. The impressive scene featured the Mastercard brand claim, “contactless but closer together,” projected onto it, gaining a double meaning in the times of COVID-19.

Success: A grand stage for the brand

The future belongs to contactless mobile payments. Especially young people embrace the new payment method, and this demographic has always been a core audience of the Festival of Lights.

The “hello mastercard” campaign, through a forward-looking light production on a globally renowned Berlin landmark, became a contemporary statement for Mastercard’s new digital freedom.