Hotel de Rome ◆ powered by Lumas


Mission: More publicity for outstanding photos

LUMAS is one of the best-known photo galleries in Germany with a concept that combines online store and real gallery sales. At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, an artistically high-quality presentation of selected LUMAS motifs was to increase awareness of the brand and sales of the images.

Idea: Let the pictures speak for themselves

As the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has always been the birthplace of the most beautiful pictures, there could not have been a more fitting stage for LUMAS. The most beautiful photos from the gallery were presented to the festival’s large fan community in an artistically high-quality photo presentation.

Implementation: 100% pure photography art

Ten carefully curated photo motifs were projected as still images onto the facade of the Hotel de Rome, a premium location for premium photographic art. Each photo was given space and time to make an impact on the audience.
The special feature: anyone who fell in love with one of the photos could purchase the motif from LUMAS and hang it on their wall at home.

Outcome: a sales success

Millions of festival visitors marveled at the photos. LUMAS gained many new photo fans and sales were boosted.