Idea: LAVAZZA has stood for Italian coffee tradition for more than 125 years. The company also stands for a responsible approach to “people and nature”, especially in the countries where the raw materials are grown. This philosophy is both an existential concern and a matter close to the company’s heart. The idea: to present this message about the sustainable ¡TIERRA! product line to a large audience in an emotional and media-effective way and to impressively showcase the strategies for the holistic sustainability of the Italian coffee roaster’s product range.

Implementation: The Festival of Lights team created a spectacular 3D video mapping show ¡TIERRA! FOR A BETTER FUTURE. It shows beautiful images of untouched landscapes from the countries that grow coffee for LAVAZZA Caffè.

This kind of scenario belongs to Berlin’s most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate. A performance of this kind is only possible at the Festival of Lights!

Unique flora and fauna alternate in harmony in the show and, of course, the actual star is not missing. The facade of the Berlin landmark is entirely filled with freshly harvested coffee beans from responsible cultivation.

A multifunctional LAVAZZA tasting box was also positioned in the festival center to bring the coffee tradition closer to the approximately 3 million visitors. Caffè was tasted there and the sustainability of production was documented. The mobile also served as a projection facade for impressive images.

Success: Brand mission accomplished!

Hundreds of thousands of visitors admired the imposing staging and impressive images of the 3D video show ¡TIERRA! FOR A BETTER FUTURE at the Brandenburg Gate.

The Bio-Organic brand ¡TIERRA! for Planet was presented to an audience of millions in 10 festival evenings and was emotionally perceived due to the thematic depth of the images. Images that will be remembered.

The LAVAZZA commitment was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion through the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.