Brand staging ◆ Kaufhaus Jandorf

Kaufhaus Jandorf – Experiencing the Future of Mobility

Idea: Trendy brand presentation on a historic facade

In the former Kaufhaus Jandorf on Brunnenstrasse, the YOUR NOW corporate group is developing solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. YOUR NOW is the new alliance for forward-looking mobility services from the BMW Group and Daimler AG.

A few months after its founding, the mobility service provider wanted to showcase its innovative range of services to the public at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019.

Implementation: Images from a city in motion

On the impressive semi-circular facade of the department store, a video projection shed light on the future theme “Freedom of Mobility.” Starting with a homage to the dynamic 1920s, the projection illustrated the rapid development of Berlin and the significance of mobility for the future of the metropolitan area. Berliners gained freedom of movement, and the city gained the necessary space to unfold.

The new logo of the YOUR NOW group was prominently featured everywhere – on the festival website and social media, in the program booklet, and in the festival newspaper. Press kits and information also introduced YOUR NOW and announced the video projection.

Success: Clear road for the brand

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019 became a grand stage for an attention-grabbing appearance of the YOUR NOW brand. This allowed one of the leading mobility service providers in Europe to positively engage in conversations about its new brand and emotionally charge it.