Mickey Mouse and the princesses ◆ presented by Disney

2021: DISNEY PRINCESSES: For Everyone. Forever.

Idea: Building emotional strength and values.

The Disney campaign puts the spotlight on the beloved 14 princesses. For generations, these princesses have enchanted audiences with their stories, emphasizing that one should not judge anyone based on appearances. Each story contains inspirations and values of our time: self-belief, family values, helpfulness, environmental consciousness, curiosity, openness, tolerance, and the courage to stand up for others. In addition to the princesses themselves, the campaign features children who embody these values.

Implementation: Princesses and children showing how they carry courage, heart, and kindness into the world.

A 3D mapping on the facade of the Stage Theater at Potsdamer Platz showcased sequences from the princess films, accompanied by prompts to live one’s own dreams, embark on a personal journey, or let go of fears. Prior to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the popular radio station 104.6 RTL encouraged children to share how they make the world a little better every day. The names of the children and their messages were incorporated into the mapping.

Success: Whether big or small, the princesses are role models.

Disney, with its stories and characters, contributes to conveying emotional strength and important values.


Idea: Unusual birthday celebration in Berlin

In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, the Festival of Lights 2018, in collaboration with partner Disney, organized a visual scavenger hunt. Festival visitors were tasked with spotting the iconic mouse within the light installations on famous Berlin landmarks and squares. Those who found Mickey in a projection immediately took a proof photo and uploaded it to the internet.

Implementation: Searching, finding, and winning with Mickey

Mickey Mouse was the surprise guest of the festival, and nothing was revealed until shortly before the festival began. From the first day, Mickey suddenly appeared as a projection motif at central festival locations in the midst of the crowds. Mickey Mouse could be seen on the TV tower, the Kollhoff-Tower at Potsdamer Platz, and the Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz within the spectacular 3D video mapping shows. And on the Museum Island, Mickey had hidden as a still image projection high up in a giant treetop.

The motto was “Find Mickey,” and countless festival visitors participated, taking proof photos and uploading them with the hashtag #Mickey90. Successful finders were rewarded with attractive prizes.

Success: Berlin’s Largest Search Operation

The response on social media was overwhelming! Many of the approximately 3 million festival visitors didn’t give up until they had found all 4 Mickey Mouse motifs. In retrospect, “Find Mickey” was tremendous fun for the audience and a complete success for Disney.