Berlin Cathedral ◆ presented by Wunderkind

Wow! Berlin Cathedral Wears Joop

Mission: Style du Monde

The current Spring collection of the fashion label Wunderkind was illuminated in an entirely new light at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2011. An unprecedented visual “fashion show” created worldwide recognition and contributed to establishing the Wunderkind brand as a Global Brand.

Idea: The Most Extraordinary Fashion Show in the World

At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, Berlin Cathedral was adorned in new attire designed by Wolfgang Joop. Selected designs from his Wunderkind fashion label transformed the historic building into a fashion coup of a special kind. 3D images were created, captivating audiences worldwide.

Implementation: Enormously Large, Gigantically Chic

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team carefully selected suitable designs from the Spring collection and tailored them to fit the “figure” of the cathedral. Several “fitting sessions” were required until everything was just right. The enormously large fashion show was presented around 300 times during the festival on the famous Berlin landmark, including the Wunderkind logo.

Result: A Small Miracle for Wunderkind

The fashion show at Berlin Cathedral marked a breakthrough for the Festival of Lights and the Wunderkind label. The show made it to international TV news, and it was even covered in China. Additionally, countless print and online articles, photos, and videos reached millions of fashion enthusiasts.