Berlin Cathedral in winter dress
Mission: Bringing the joys of winter to life
At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2012, Austrian National Tourist Office presented Austria as an attractive winter destination. The aim was to boost Austria’s image as a winter paradise. If you are looking for guaranteed snowy vacation fun, the Austrian mountains are the place to be.

Idea: White show in golden October
The powerful images on the dome of Berlin Cathedral created a great deal of anticipation for winter in Austria. The dome of the cathedral became a snowy peak, the sun shone brightly and the winter wonderland beckoned. The onlookers paused, gazing in amazement at the winter scenes, their enthusiasm sparked for an exhilarating winter sports experience.

Implementation: a mosaic of winter
Berlin Cathedral has probably never seen so much white splendor. The projection show conjured up fantastic collages of a winter wonderland across the entire building. The mosaic of many images was carefully selected and masterfully combined. Striking fade-ins at the beginning and end of the show referred to Austria as a vacation destination. The highlight was a “Silent Disco” by top Austrian DJs at the Lustgarten.

Result: Hot topic
In 2012, the highlight of winter in Berlin fell in the fall. The white winter wonderland at the cathedral attracted countless onlookers and the partner Austrian National Tourist Office provided information about specific vacation offers in the surrounding area.
Winter vacations in Austria were also a hot topic on all media platforms of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. At the same time, Austrian National Tourist Office used the early onset of winter in Berlin as a lively story for its own reporting.