yeswecan!cer: Shine a Light on Cancer

Task: Publicly impactful launch of Germany’s largest hybrid cancer convention YES!CON 4.0 and media attention for cancer patients 

Yeswecan!cer is a nonprofit initiative by cancer patients for cancer patients, advocating for an open and taboo-free approach to the disease. The YES!CON took place for the fourth time in Berlin, and Yes!wecancer aimed to create and consolidate media attention for cancer patients.

Implementation: Video projection show at the Brandenburg Gate on the first day of the convention

The Festival of Lights produced an impressive 3D video mapping show on the Brandenburg Gate on the opening day of YES!CON. The show ran multiple times throughout the evening in front of hundreds of thousands of festival visitors. A performance portrayed communication, solidarity, and life itself, skillfully conveying the main message of the organization: “You are not alone”.

Result: A call for appreciation of al the „Colours of life“ and community that reached far beyond the circle of patients

The media resonance and engagement on social media were extremely high, and the images of the show went viral.