Wolt delivers.


The Wolt delivery service has set itself the task of making cities better places for customers, retailers and couriers alike. And it was precisely this mission that was to be presented at the Festival of Lights and inspire a wide audience. Wolt planned to show its heartfelt commitment in and for Berlin.


An artistic staging within the Festival of Lights with a short 3D video animation. We brought the typical icons to life and integrated them into the Berlin skyline.  The 20-second show, color-coordinated with the Wolt CI, thematizes the well-known Wolt cone in a witty and playful way, skilfully flirting with graphic elements of the culinary delicacies that can be delivered to your home at any time.

Success: Brand mission accomplished!

Hundreds of thousands of visitors saw the short production, which was harmoniously embedded in the overall artistic show at the festival’s top location, Bebelplatz.

The Wolt engagement was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion on the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.