United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel


Idea: A legendary and magical moment: For the first time, the embassies of the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel jointly participate in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The emphasis is on the peace agreement concluded in 2020 and the newly established diplomatic connections that highlight one of the most important values of the present: PEACE.

Both embassies have been loyal festival partners for many years, and the idea arose to present this shared milestone in the history of both countries to a large international audience.

Implementation: After meticulous research and with a lot of thematic passion, the Festival of Lights team created an emotional 3D video mapping show called “Two countries celebrating peace.” The show consists of three parts, initially immersing itself in the respective worlds of the two partner countries, showcasing their unique architecture, art, culture, nature, and lived modernity. The final part celebrates the shared path towards a new future after the conclusion of this historic treaty of international understanding.

In line with the occasion, there was only one perfectly fitting location for this presentation for the Festival management: Berlin’s Bebelplatz, one of the highlight squares in the Festival! The show, embedded and artistically perfectly coordinated on the Hotel de Rome, became part of a 270-degree overall staging of the square.

The performance was highly welcomed in diplomatic and political circles and was honored by the presence of high-ranking representatives from both countries.

Success: The message was broadcasted to the world!

Each of the approximately 3 million festival visitors came to Bebelplatz and enjoyed the productions at this historic location. During the festival, the Hotel de Rome is one of the most photographed buildings.

Through impressive storytelling based on a historic peace agreement, the spectacular 3D video show was presented to a million-strong audience. With many stunning effects, the visible harmony between the message of the contribution and the artistic design of the video became an absolute festival highlight.

The images of this production went down in the history of the Festival of Lights…

Berlin visitors and thousands of tourists who took the impressions home, along with the Festival of Lights Multimedia Channel with over 1.4 billion reach, ensured that this significant event was communicated worldwide, making an enlightening statement for peace.