Sparda-Bank Berlin

Ocean Plastic BankCard


Sparda-Bank Berlin wanted to communicate its own brand values to a broad public and chose a new way to do so. The brand values include proximity, integrity, professionalism, common sense, dynamism and zest for life. Especially as Sparda-Bank Berlin is a cooperative bank, these values form the foundation for its daily activities and reflect its self-image.

As part of the task, it was necessary to communicate that Sparda-Bank Berlin, as the first cooperative bank and the first bank in Europe overall, issues the Ocean Plastic bank card for giro accounts, made from recycled plastic waste.

Having cards produced from recycled plastic waste is the next right step towards a sustainable future for Sparda-Bank Berlin.

We were invited to develop a media- and publicity-effective concept for the bank’s stance and its commitment, including a suitable location.


We chose the Oberbaum Bridge as the ideal projection location and developed a very impressive 3D projection that illustrated the theme of sustainability.

The design of the light show skillfully played with the colours and themes associated with sustainability. The corporate design was taken up and integrated, and the Ocean Plastic bank card became the star.

The audience was immersed in light art and was able to discover the company’s mission for change.

The high artistic standard of the Festival of Lights team was perfectly fused with the desired content.

The Sparda-Bank show was captured through 360° communication: from social media and PR to the presentation on the mobile LED wall.


Success: Brand mission accomplished!

Hundreds of thousands of visitors admired the staging and the impressive images of the 3D video mapping shows in Berlin’s Oberbaum Bridge.

The Sparda-Bank Berlin commitment was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion through the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.

Sparda-Bank Berlin | Ocean Plastic BankCard