POLIS Illuminates Historical Buildings

Idea: Illuminating History through Art and Light

Within the real estate portfolio of the Berlin-based POLIS AG, there are buildings steeped in history. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS aimed to breathe life into these structures through captivating art projections, crafting a unique narrative for each.

Implementation: Modern Art Projection with Historical Context

In close proximity to Potsdamer Platz stands a listed office and commercial building, an Art Deco gem constructed by the esteemed Berlin tobacco company Loeser & Wolff between 1928 and 1930. In 2004, POLIS AG meticulously restored and modernized this historic building, preserving the captivating Art Deco elements visible within entrances and staircases. For the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2018, these interior design features were brought to life on the exterior facade using specialized projection techniques.

Fast forward to the Festival of Lights 2019, where the former administrative building of Volkswohl Versicherungen at Lietzenburger Straße 44 underwent a luminous transformation. Built between the 1950s and 1960s, this reinforced concrete structure—also owned by POLIS AG—served as an ideal canvas for an impressive art collage featuring iconic Berlin landmarks.

Success: Markedly Increased Visibility

The spectacular art projections and the accompanying media presence in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Multimedia Channel not only brought the properties and their history into the public eye but also highlighted the owner and initiator of the art initiatives, POLIS Immobilien AG.