Eucerin – Love can be magic!


For over 100 years, Eucerin has been successfully conducting dermatological research, developing new active ingredients and innovative formulas. As an expert in dermocosmetics, Eucerin knows that our skin is much more than just the protective layer of our body, it is connected to our emotional world.

Eucerin was an exhibitor at the EADV Congress 23, which took place during the Festival of Lights at the Berlin Exhibition Center. Eucerin wanted to use the opportunity to generate additional attention for the brand and its skincare products. The aim was to capture the hearts of visitors to the Festival of Lights, and to do so in a particularly affectionate way.


We staged an oversized message of the heart on the Berlin TV tower – the tallest building in Germany – for an audience of millions. An artistic video sequence created especially for Eucerin was visible from afar. Brand colours and campaign elements were integrated.

Success: Brand mission accomplished!

The animation made the Eucerin brand an eye-catcher for guests from near and far.

It was not surprising that the Eucerin motif became one of the most popular photo motifs during the festival – especially among newly in love and close friends.

Eucerin’s involvement was accompanied by many social media activities and promotion through the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.