Idea: Employer branding breaks new ground

Since 2018, German Pension Insurance has been presenting at the Festival of Lights a completely new face as one of Berlin’s largest employers . In parallel to the DRV Bund’s respective campaigns such as #morebehind or #livelong, meaningful 3D mappings on the facade of the Berlin site tell the story of the daily work and attract young talent.


2021: A shining heart for everyone

With the huge light projection on the Berlin building in Konstanzer Straße, the German Pension Insurance Association expressed its gratitude to its more than 25,000 employees for the work they do. The company showed this with giant hearts in its own colours of yellow and light blue, which quickly grew, doubled in size and pulsated. At the same time, it recruited skilled and junior staff and used a paternoster that travelled the entire height of the building to show the opportunities available to applicants. The 3D production provided animated insights into the German Pension Insurance Association as an employer, projecting the advancing digitalisation, its values and also the places where a career is possible throughout Germany.

2018: Emojis as eye-catchers

Things got colourful at the Hohenzollerndamm site. The DRV tower, popularly known as the “Silver Tower” which is visible from afar, shone with a trendy projection motif in the format of the young target group. Under the accompanying hashtag #morebehind, the DRV Bund visualised the diversity that the organisation and its employees stand for. At the same time, visitors could also take a look behind the facades on Instagram.

The gigantic projection showed that there is much more to discover behind the silver facade than expected. A blue curtain opened and behind it, well-known and popular emoji motifs beamed out at the viewer – from smiley faces to unicorns and rainbow flags. The message: the 23,000 people who work at the DRV Bund are as colourful and diverse as the projected image. And anyone who typed the hashtag #mehrdahinter into their smartphone could get detailed information on the spot.

1/2 page in the festival newspaper:

Success: career boost for the next generation

The trendy towering projections lit up the Berlin night and hundreds of thousands watched, while adverts and articles in the festival media also increased interest. The young audience in particular felt involved and responded. The hashtags were constantly well trafficked during the festival days and for many, curiosity turned into genuine interest in a career with the DRV Bund.