BVG – Embracing Diversity!


Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is Germany’s largest public transportation company. Around the clock, 365 days a year, a dedicated team of 15,800 employees ensures that the German capital experiences environmentally friendly and cutting-edge mobility, reliably transporting millions of passengers daily to their destinations.

BVG, synonymous with diversity and inclusion, seamlessly joins the 2023 festival partners celebrating “Colours of Life,” highlighting diversity within their company.

Our challenge was to showcase BVG’s well-known diversity motif, recognized by Berliners mainly from the distinctive seat covers in the subway. This time, the pattern was to be reimagined in a new setting, sparking contemplation on how diversity is woven into the fabric of Berlin.


The vibrant BVG diversity motif came to life through animation. And what better backdrop than the iconic Berlin television tower, with its imposing presence?

The TV tower became a “beacon,” symbolizing a diverse society championed by BVG. In the grand finale of the show, the BVG shapes radiated together with the powerful slogan: “Long live diversity!”

Success: Brand Mission Accomplished!

Millions of enthralled viewers celebrated the values of the Berlin-based traditional company at the TV tower through the BVG clip.

BVG’s involvement was accompanied by numerous social media initiatives and promotions on the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel, reaching billions in its audience.

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