Branding & Marketing


Over the last 20 years, it has become evident that our festival platform is exceptionally versatile and can seamlessly integrate into partners’ marketing and communication strategies: For instance:

  • Emotionalization of brands  – Our approach emphasizes the emotional connection with partner brands, showcasing them in a compelling and emotionally resonant setting.
  • Accompanying launches or relaunches – Product and service introductions transcend routine and become unforgettable experiences.
  • Promotion and advertising – Partners leverage integrated demos, shows, and campaigns to deliver focused information and spark genuine interest.
  • Customer interactions and VIP attention – The unique selling proposition of our light staging captivates customers and stakeholders, ensuring substantial engagement.


The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS epitomizes the future of show performance and provides an unparalleled global stage. This renders it especially conducive to inventive approaches to marketing and communication. For instance:

  • Live engagement – The company or brand’s presence at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS transforms into a memorable experience that echoes in every conversation.
  • Visual storytelling – The festival stage offers the ideal setting to tell stories with powerful images in an impressive format.
  • Social media amplification – The festival presentation generates captivating visuals that circulate globally through social media followers.
  • Gamification – The light shows seamlessly blend with contests and engaging audience activities, turning spectators into active participants.