Revitalizing an Old Site

Idea: Breathing Life into a Forgotten Place

Bärenquell in Berlin Niederschöneweide stood as one of the city’s oldest and most cherished breweries. After brewing its last beer in 1994, the site slipped into a deep slumber, becoming a “Lost Place.”

Fast forward 25 years, and the dormant brewery site is finally witnessing a renaissance. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019 set out to shine a spotlight on this transformation with a captivating artistic facade projection.

Implementation: A Dynamic Panoramic Showcase

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS reimagined the brewery’s architectural panorama into a vibrant collage, narrating the rich history, current state, and future aspirations of the Treptow-Köpenick district and the brewery grounds. The once-abandoned brewery now pulsated with renewed vitality. Beginning with the site’s historical narrative, lively graffiti scenes and an evocative cityscape seamlessly transitioned to the envisioned new living space.

This artistic spectacle owed its existence to HCM, the project developer striving to shape the area into a thriving hub for the creative industry, retail, gastronomy, and culture in the years to come.

Result: A Resounding Launch for a Pivotal Project

The grand inauguration of the panoramic projection, attended by representatives from the district office, economic development, and the investor, marked a powerful beginning. Throughout the festival, it garnered extensive media coverage and drew numerous excited visitors to the site.

This impactful launch not only put HCM’s project on the map but also garnered widespread positive attention from stakeholders and the local community.