Accenture is one of the world’s leading consulting companies in the field of digitalization, cloud and security and defines itself as a pioneer of change. With over 732,000 diverse talents, expertise and backgrounds, Accenture is shaping the great transformations of our time for clients in more than 120 countries.

To showcase the brand and company values to a large audience, Accenture recognized the alignment with the 2023 Festival of Lights theme “Colours of Life”, focusing on inclusion and diversity. For Accenture, inclusion means creating a place where all people feel they belong and can freely express their authentic selves.

“We want to illuminate a Berlin landmark as part of the Festival of Lights with the message A Place Where Everyone Belongs and set an example for respect and tolerance and against discrimination and racism” emerged as the task.


The Festival of Lights team produced a spectacular 3D video mapping show in collaboration with Droga5 and the Accenture team. The historic Victory Column was deliberately chosen as the location and staged in 360 degrees. We designed the monument in all the colors of the rainbow. Colourful marbles of different sizes began to interact with each other and eventually blended together. In the end, they created a symbol of belonging and solidarity that met the vision. The Accenture logo shone succinctly and colourfully on the base of the famous sight.

The content of the show and the conscious decision to use this location enabled Accenture’s corporate values to be communicated to the festival guests. The “Great Star” and the striking monument, visible from afar, became a beacon for diversity.

In addition to the Victory Column, we presented the Accenture brand and the message of living diversity during the festival period on the large mobile LED wall and in all Festival of Lights media. In addition, various Accenture video clips were produced, which enjoyed great popularity and reach on social media.

The Accenture motif on the Victory Column was also entered several times in the big Festival of Lights photo contest. In this way, we generated additional reach.

Success: A strong signal for the value of diversity!

Hundreds of thousands of visitors admired the impressive staging of the Victory Column at the Großer Stern, when the column shone in all the colours of the rainbow and with the Accenture show.

Accenture’s involvement was accompanied by PR, numerous social media activities and integration into the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-strong reach.

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