50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop

50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop


Celebrating “The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop” at the Festival of Lights 2023 in Berlin arose from a mutual deep appreciation for hip-hop culture by both the initiator and the festival curator.

A culture and philosophy of life that emerged 50 years ago in the basements of the Bronx in New York City has shaped the world in a special way.

Hip-hop combines music, beats, rhymes, dance and fashion and stands for peace, love and unity.

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop in 2023 was a significant milestone. With the support of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH and Universal Music Germany, the organizers decided to honor the genre’s most influential artists and celebrate the history of the movement.

The anniversary was organized in close collaboration with legendary rapper Ice-T to celebrate all those who have contributed to hip-hop culture in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Austria over the past 50 years.


The Festival Of Lights produced one of the most extensive and impressive 3D video mapping shows in its history!

The show was projected onto the east wall of the Oberbaum Bridge and fascinated the international audience for 10 festival evenings.

The spectacular video mapping was accompanied by a soundtrack by DJ Hotsauce and took the audience on a journey around the world through 50 years of hip-hop.

This journey began with the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx, New York, and from there delved into the most influential areas of the USA that have shaped the scene: from New York to the West Coast, to the South, to the Midwest and back to the East Coast.

The breathtaking show then took us to Europe, accompanied by the most influential artists from Austria, Switzerland and the grand finale in the cultural melting point of Berlin.

In addition, we chose the Oberbaum Bridge as the location for the festival opening, where the festival director Birgit Zander and the initiator Jordan Knifle presented the 19. FESTIVAL OF LIGHST to the public for the first time together with celebrities and the press.

Outcome: The 50th anniversary of hip-hop was celebrated in a dignified and impressive manner

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop was celebrated in a dignified and impressive manner and the pictures and emotions went around the world!

The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop