Oberbaum Bridge ◆ presented by O₂

O₂: Bridging into the Digital Future

Idea: Making digital progress tangible

The Oberbaum Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Berlin. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall 31 years ago, it has once again connected East and West Berlin, Kreuzberg, and Friedrichshain.

During the Festival of Lights 2020, the telecommunications brand O₂ turned the bridge into a luminous symbol of freedom once again. Across the entire panorama of the bridge, a artistically illuminated 3D projection show titled “The Evolution of Communication” conveyed signs of free, digital participation for all people.

Implementation: Freedom times three

As an official partner, O₂ was present with three contributions at the festival. The centerpiece was the light installation “The Evolution of Communication,” which illuminated the rapid development of modern communication technologies, forming the basis for connections between people in an increasingly digital world. The new mobile communication standard, 5G, exemplifies this technological leap.

The second contribution was an engaging interactive activity. Anyone, regardless of their location in the world, could become a creative participant in the festival. All they had to do was upload one or more photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #2020shareyourlight. The ideas were free, with just one condition: the motif had to involve light, and at least one person had to be visible. Participants had the chance to win exciting prizes and could not only contribute photographs but also nominate their personal favorites.

The third contribution was an epilogue shortly after the festival. On October 3rd, once again presented by O₂, the Oberbaum Bridge radiated in spectacular light for a 3D video mapping show, commemorating the 30th anniversary of German Unity Day. The show told a story of freedom and community, democracy and progress, connecting people across all borders. The historically significant Oberbaum Bridge provided the perfect backdrop for this.

Success: Brand Mission accomplished

O₂ has always aimed to democratize high-tech. The brand’s mission is to provide all people worldwide with free access to digital progress. At the Festival of Lights, O₂ seized the unique opportunity to make this special mission visible and tangible for the festival’s large audience—with a visually stunning production that delved deeper and left a lasting impression.