Electric Symphony ◆ powered by smart

Mission: Electrifying Event as a Festival Program Highlight

The automaker smart aimed to present the premiere of the “smart electric symphony” prominently at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2016. This event was intended to be broadcast live on the smart Facebook page, and a video of it was to be produced for all smart partners.

Idea: Integrating the smart electric symphony into the Festival of Lights program?

The goal was to showcase the smart electric symphony as a highlight in a public and engaging manner.

Implementation: The unique light show “smart electric symphony” was included as a highlight in the Festival program.

The Festival team organized the location, featuring the well-known DJ Chris Bekker, and ensured thousands of astonished visitors. The event, which perfectly suited the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS brand, was extensively promoted on the festival communication platform and across social media channels, creating a trendy buzz event.

Result: Light show with a great response

The Berlin scene and the festival fan community were present at the world premiere, and there was significant media interest as no similar event had taken place in the Festival of Lights before. The debut of the “smart electric symphony” was a resounding success, with many Berlin media outlets covering the event.