Berlin TV Tower ◆ Presented by Netflix

Netflix sets off

Mission: Big Bang for Star Trek

At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2017, Netflix launched the new series “Star Trek: Discovery” with a sensational 3D video mapping. Starship USS Shenzhou set off to explore distant galaxies and Berlin was on board. Like the series, the event was to set new standards.

1/1 page in the festival newspaper:

Idea: Going up high

Birgit Zander, producer and creative director of the Festival of Lights, staged a show of superlatives in cooperation with the participating agencies – on the Berlin TV tower. Germany’s tallest building was transformed into a gigantic antenna that received signals from the intergalactic star fleet. Spectacular animations on the tower took the audience on a flight through unknown universes.

Implementation: An experience as far as the eye can see

Spectators at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2017 experienced a spectacular 3D mapping show on the Berlin TV tower. The event was widely visible in Berlin and on social networks.

Between the shows, the Netflix logo was presented on the famous Berlin landmark. A unique feature of the Festival of Lights. Netflix used the event as a catalyst for intensive promotion in all media and on the internet.

Result: A successful launch for Star Trek

The specially produced science fiction story was successfully presented to an audience of millions. Some enthusiastic “Trekkies” were even on site for several days in a row to watch the show.

In addition, there was a worldwide response on all FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS media channels as well as on the global NETFLIX networks. The show was warmly welcomed by visitors and in the media and received great feedback.

Watch the Star Trek @ Festival of Lights video here: