Remembering Mark Fisher ◆ by Tchoban Foundation

Tchoban Foundation

Idea: Display artworks from the current exhibition on the museum facade

The “Drawn Show” exhibition inside the building was dedicated to Mark Fisher, the greatest architect of rock concerts and shows. He created dazzling and innovative shows for the most famous singers and bands of our time, including Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Pink Floyd, U2, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson and Jean-Michel Jarre, as well as the extravagant events for Walt Disney World and Cirque du Soleil. The exhibition inside the museum traced his career as a stage designer using his drawings and sketchbooks, accompanied by videos of the live concerts, visual material relating to the construction and private photos from the architect’s (working) life.

Founded in 2009 by the passionate illustrator and collector Sergei Tchoban, the foundation’s considerable collection serves as a basis for research into the history and nature of architectural drawing and aims to bring this special world closer to a broad public in the digital age through exhibitions. An extensive reference library complements the collection and offers additional research opportunities.

Implementation: Paintings and drawings come to life

The mapping on the building could be seen at the opening of the exhibition. Paintings and drawings from the exhibition were animated and adapted to the special facade architecture. The 3D effects related to the motifs and were implemented dynamically. Analogous to the highlight of the famous concert “The Wall – Live in Berlin” by Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, with the collapsing wall, the facade collapsed and a galaxy appeared behind it.

Success: great attention drawn to the museum

There has rarely been such a start to an exhibition that is remarkable in any case. Especially for such small, unique museums, it is important to present themselves in the best light and to an enthusiastic audience. The Tchoban Foundation has succeeded in doing this in an eye-catching way.