Europe in the light ◆ presented by 8 Federal ministeries



Idea: European election 2019 in the spotlight

7 federal ministries and 2 major EU institutions took part in the Festival of Lights 2018. Under the title "Europe in the light", they drew attention to the election of the European Parliament in 2019.

No dry information, but great emotion! The Festival of Lights team impressively staged the buildings with large-screen artistic projections. The public came, saw and experienced why we simply have to love Europe.

Implementation: Europe is for Lovers

For each building there was an individual staging, which was based on the tasks and competences of the respective ministry. All the scenes illuminated the power and diversity of the European community. Thus, the Ministry of Defense presented the Bundeswehr with a light story entitled "I protect what you do not see". Or the Ministry of Finance put "50 Years of European Customs Union" in the picture.

The affiliation to the great joint action "Europe in the Light" was documented by joint announcements and reports under the hashtag #EuropeIsForLovers. On the spot you could visit all locations with a shuttle bus.

Result: Long range for Europe

The participating federal ministries and EU institutions drew attention to the European elections in an emotional and innovative way, thus opening up entirely new perspectives on Europe for festival visitors. Especially in the social media, the messages of the light installations received a positive echo.