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1/1 page in the festival newspaper

Triumph is flourishing

Task: An extraordinary premiere
At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2017, the fashion brand Triumph staged the launch of their new lingerie label "Florale" in a media-effective manner. A handsome collection got an extraordinary premiere.

Idea: Floral harmony in a large format
"Dream of Flowers" was the name of the light show on the Old Town House, where all fashion dreams came true. The show presented the most beautiful patterns and designs from the new collection and transformed the entire building into a light, fine and weightless sea of flowers. The spectators could indulge in floral fabrics.

Implementation: Julianne Moore as "Luminous Figure"
In collaboration with Triumph Lingerie, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team created a 3D video mapping show with fine fabric patterns and floral compositions, which impressively represented the new label artistically. The show was personally opened by Oscar winner Julianne Moore and the entire press was on site.

Result: light show with a big echo
The media interest was great, because there had never been a comparable lingerie launch. The media channels of the FESTVALS OF LIGHTS supported the events with intensive communication. The "Dreams of Flowers" show, the performance of Julianne Moore and the associated opening dinner were discussed in fashion magazines, daily newspapers and fashion blogs with photos and detailed reports.