Victory Column ◆ presented by NYX Professional

Idea: Set a widely shining sign for diversity

The Los Angeles-based makeup brand stands for equality and diversity with its colorful persona. With its Brand Purpose and the eponymous campaign "Proud Allies for All," NYX Professional Makeup advocates for a global network of allied allies so that everyone gets the support they need. The company wants the LGBTQIA+ community to be heard year-round and get the attention and acceptance in society that they deserve.

Implementation: A statement in exhilarating color.

"Proud Allies for All." Where better to present such a statement than centrally and widely visible on the Victory Column? On display was a rainbow-colored, glittering and sparkling play of colors. Sometimes there are clearly defined color squares, sometimes exploding and pulsating color worlds, then the colors blur harmoniously into each other. The mapping took up the entire monument, so it began under the feet of the "Goldelse," ran across the column and pedestal. The statement lit up again and again at different positions. The column itself seemed transparent, consisting only of letters that formed calls like "GET PROUD AND LOUD WITH US." At the very top and wrapped in an "A" for "Ally," a pride-colored heart glowed, creating the logo for the "Proud Allies for All" campaign. In addition to the video mapping on the Berlin landmark, the current campaign video was aired on the large LED wall that travels through the city each festival period.

Erfolg:  Gesehen werden, gehört werden, ein Zeichen setzen. 

NYX Professional Make Up more than achieved this with its appearance at the festival. The location also contributed to the success, because the Berlin Victory Column stands present in sight of the Brandenburg Gate, around it circles at any time of day or night a lively car, bike and bus traffic. Visitors to the city and, of course, Berliners are recommended to take a relaxing ride, for example, on the 100 bus of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, which has the Victory Column on its tour schedule, along with numerous other light art productions.

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