Idea:  TOURISMO DE TENERIFE - responsible for marketing and communicating the beauty of the island of Tenerife - has discovered the Festival of Lights for itself and with it the enormous reach potential to enchant people all over the world with light art and messages.

The uniqueness of the island, the incomparable charm with the far-reaching tourism possibilities and the new, sustainable tourism destinations shall be presented to the public after the difficult travel times during the Corona pandemic.

Implementation:  The Festival of Lights team produced a fascinating 3D video mapping entitled "DIMENSIONS", consisting of the many cultural and characteristic features of the island, the unique selling points of Tenerife. Impressive volcanic landscapes, beaches of different colours, whales and dolphins in protected areas - the island's DNA is incredibly diverse. From the beautiful nature to the traditional carnival, a show that inspires enthusiasm and immediately makes you want to travel.

The venue for the presentation: the royal facade of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, a highlight of the Festival of Lights. The video mapping, peppered with many "special effects", was also a play on the historical building architecture of the palace.

Success:  The FESTIVAL OF LIGHT 2022 became the big stage for TURISMO TENERIFFE. Thus, one of the most popular holiday destinations with its entire tourist offerings was presented in a way that was as enticing as it was realistic. Expressive images on a unique stage, emotionally staged.

The passion for a dream destination was reawakened, not only among Berliners. Tourists from all over the world who came to Berlin for the festival, as well as the Festival of Lights Multi Media Channel with its billion-dollar reach, ensured worldwide communication.

The spectacular show was presented again immediately after the Festival of Lights Berlin. Newly adapted to the facade of the town hall in Augsburg, it became another highlight at the Augsburg Light Nights in october 2022.



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