Mickey Mouse turning 90 ◆ presented by Disney



Idea: Unusual birthday party in Berlin

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse, the Festival of Lights 2018 organized together with its partner Disney a visual scavenger hunt. The festival visitors were to track down the cult mouse within the light staging on famous Berlin landmarks and squares. Anyone who had spotted Mickey in a projection immediately shot a photo of proof and uploaded it online.

Implementation: Seek, find and win Mickey

Mickey Mouse was the surprise guest of the festival, until shortly before the festival began, nothing was revealed. From the first day Mickey suddenly appeared as a projection motif at central festival venues amidst the streams of visitors. Mickey Mouse was on the TV tower, the Kollhoff Tower on Potsdamer Platz and the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz within the spectacular 3D video mapping shows. And on Museum Island, Mickey had hidden himself as a projection screen high in a huge treetop.

"Find Mickey" was the motto and countless festival visitors joined in, shot proof photos and uploaded them under the hashtag # Mickey90. There were attractive rewards for successful finders.

Success: The biggest search operation in Berlin

The echo in the social media was overwhelming! Many of the approximately 3 million festivalgoers did not give up until they found all 4 Mickey Mouse motifs. In retrospect, "Find Mickey" was a huge amount of fun for the audience and a complete success for Disney.