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Google celebrated innovative product launch


Task: To put Google Pixel 2 in the limelight

During the 2017 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, Google launched the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The powerful camera of Google Pixel 2 should be in the spotlight and charged with positive emotions.

Idea: Creating an interactive experience

In order to make the Google Pixel 2 come alive, we have created the framework for an interactive light installation. With the help of a cooperation with Pavegen and his energy harvesting technology, the "Google Light Path" emerged. It was an 11-meter-long interactive path. At the end of the path was a photo box including Google Pixel 2, which recorded the unique moments of the visitors.

Implementation: Magical moments were recorded

All visitors to the Google Light Path experienced an interactive light art installation and emotionally charged the product. The event took place in the trendy Kulturbrauerei.

Walking, running, dancing - every moment on this unique catwalk was recorded and shared with the visitors.

Result: A successful product launch

An innovative presentation of Google Pixel 2 succeeded. Visitors had a unique experience and emotionally charged the product. The launch was well received by visitors and media and received great feedback.