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Make commitment visible


Make commitment visible

Task: McDonald's is committed to children
Quote from a press release: "The McDonald's Kinderhilfe Foundation is committed to families of seriously ill children and gives them, among other things in their Ronald McDonald houses a temporary home - true to the motto “Closeness helps healing".
In 2017, McDonald's Germany celebrated a round number. McDonald's Kinderhilfe has been involved for 30 years and this mission has been staged in public at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

Idea & Implementation: Bringing dreams to life
A 3D video mapping on the theme "A Kid's Dream", created and produced by the Festival of Lights team, enchanted festival visitors on the U-shaped facade of the Humboldt University.
In addition, school children could draw their dreams in a paint competition and the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS brought out the most beautiful dream images on the front of the Humboldt University. Two million festival visitors were touched and moved by the pictures.
In addition, McDonald's Germany said: THANK YOU! with a big light sculpture in the brand design: The patron was Daniela Katzenberger, who opened the show of dreams with a charming moderation.

Result: Media feedback with image gain
The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team provided McDonalds with all the festival's communication channels and provided support in media work. All in all, the perfect presentation of the topics and the brand launch with the support of Daniela Katzenberger led to a strong positive media response.

Partner:  McDonald’s