Berlin TV tower ◆ World Championship of Projection Mapping ◆ presented by E.ON


Task: To put the brand in the best light
E.ON used the festival to emotionalise its own brand. With a spectacular presence, which was made known worldwide via social networks, the company secured broad attention, positive perception and an attractive image transfer.

Idea: E.ON presents the best of the best
E.ON becomes the main partner of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and presents i.a. the "World Championship of Projection Mapping". In addition, the company has initiated its own FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Award. The theme of the award is ideally suited to the companies core competence: "Creating Tomorrow".

Implementation: A world champion appearance
In 2016, the "World Championship of Projection Mapping" developed by the Festival of Lights team took place for the first time on the tallest building in Germany: the Berlin TV Tower. Around the globe, well-known mapping artists have been invited to submit their interpretations and inspirations. The jury selected the finalists from numerous contributions. An online voting also allowed the audience to select their favourites. There was an exciting competition until the decision was made on the last day of the festival. In 2015, the Brandenburg Gate and in 2017 the Berlin Cathedral hosted the championship. E.ON was at the forefront. The distinctive trademark was projected onto the respective landmarks in the shows intro.

Result: World-wide feedback
More than 2 million people watched the shows of the World Championship live. At the same time, the event was advertised on the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS communication platform and on all social media channels. The result was impressive: a spectacular event with a global impact - always keeping an eye on the E.ON brand.