A brand of the future



Task: Positive brand awareness

Since 2015, E.ON has been a major partner of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and is using our platform to emotionally boost its own brand with innovative impulses - and with tremendous success. Each year, there were spectacular and well-publicized appearances that were widely publicized through social media and classic media. Everyone saw and experienced: E.ON is fully prepared for the future.

Implementation: Power through strong ideas

In the first 3 years, E.ON presented the world championship "World Championship of Projection Mapping" developed by the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The top group of international video artists met in Berlin and put strong ideas into perspective - powered by E.ON.

Each time a thrilling competition ran until the decision on the last day of the festival. And as befits a top event, there was always a venue of superlatives: Brandenburg Gate , Berlin TV Tower and Berlin Cathedral .

In 2018, E.ON adapted its appearance even more precisely to its own brand and presented its own Europe-wide award on the Berlin TV tower. A kind of "Eurovision Video Contestwith the motto" Creating a better tomorrow ". The particular credo of the competition derives directly from the brand values of E.ON.

Seven artists from seven European countries where E.ON is active qualified for the finale and developed their powerful vision of a better future on the TV tower. 3 million spectators were present live. The project generated a reach of more than 6 million contacts. And visible for everyone, the E.ON brand logo was shining high above Berlin.