E.ON – eine Marke für die Zukunft


Shining brand images close to the future

Task: Positive brand awareness

E.ON has been a main partner of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS since 2015 and was the exclusive presenter in 2018 - 2020. The company uses the festival platform to emotionally charge its own brand with innovative impulses - and with enormous success. Every year there were spectacular performances with great audience response, which were widely publicized via social networks and classic media. Everyone saw and experienced: E.ON is fully geared to the future.

Implementation: Power through strong ideas

E.ON has been a main partner of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS since 2015 and was an exclusive presenter 2018-2020. The company uses the festival platform to emotionally charge its own brand with innovative impulses - and with enormous success.

Each time a thrilling competition ran until the decision on the last day of the festival. And as befits a top event, there was always a venue of superlatives: Brandenburg Gate , Berlin TV Tower and Berlin Cathedral .

In 2018, E.ON tailored the performance even more precisely to its own brand and presented its own Europe-wide award on the Berlin TV Tower. A kind of "Eurovision Video Contest" under the motto "Creating a better tomorrow". The special credo of the contest derived directly from E.ON's brand values. 7 artists from 7 European countries where E.ON is active qualified for the final and developed their visually powerful vision of a better future on the TV tower. 3 million viewers were there live. The project generated a reach of more than 6 million contacts. And for all to see, the E.ON brand logo shone high above Berlin.

In 2019, E.ON invited 14 artists from all 14 countries in which the company operates to take part in a European street art contest. Under the motto "Free Your Energy," a unique mix of street art ideas was created, digitized and projected onto the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz as a visually stunning show. The audience could vote online for their favorite. The contest was framed by a 5-minute 3D videomapping show that wrapped the motto "Free Your Energy" in a rousing story.

The E.ON logo was prominently displayed on the Hotel de Rome and projection towers throughout the festival. Velotaxis with E.ON branding and a mobile LED screen with an E.ON spot drove past all the illuminations throughout the festival period and achieved high perception ratings among the more than 3 million visitors.

In 2020, E.ON had no less than five buildings in four different districts of Berlin lit up.

  1. At the Brandenburg Gate, E.ON presented a beautiful 3-minute video mapping "Symphony of Life". The show told the story and evolution of humanity, the natural rhythm of existence and our place in the universe. A greeting from Berlin to the world. The mapping was created by MP Studio from Bulgaria.
  2. E.ON was also a guest on the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz. On the facade was a colorful statue, with many colors, shapes and flowers. There, visitors experienced a 180° work of art on the theme "Together we shine".
  3. The beautiful baroque palace in the district of Köpenick became with the bright art motifs another special destination during the festival. zu einem weiteren, besonderen Ausflugsziel während des Festivals.
  4. Another highlight of our presenter was the 3D video mappig on the Tchoban Foundation in Pankow. The modern museum for architectural drawing is located on the former brewery site at Pfefferberg and was staged with different light motifs.
  5. Traditionally, the Festival of Lights, together with its presenter E.ON, held a competition to award prizes to the best video artists. This year, the festival team and E.ON invited three winners of previous Festival of Lights competitions to present their visions of this year's motto on the imposing façade of Charlottenburg Palace.

Success: An ideal combination

Press spokesman Thomsen-Bendixen explains E.ON's long-standing involvement with the following statement: "E.ON has been using the festival as a brand platform for years to position its brand. Because the E.ON brand, like the festival, stands for new ideas. Both complement and strengthen each other ideally.

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