DRV Silberturm ◆ presented by DRV Bund

1/2 Page in the festival newspaper:




Idea: Employer Branding goes new ways

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung presented itself at the Festival of Lights 2018 as one of Berlin's largest employers from a completely new side. Parallel to the current "We are the MORE behind" campaign of the DRV Bund, a huge light installation brought the recruitment of young talent out of the box.

At the location on the Hohenzollerndamm it became colorful. Popularly known as the "Silver Tower", the widely visible DRV tower shone with a trendy projection motif in the format of the young target group. Under the flanking hashtag #mehrdahinter the DRV Bund made visible the diversity for which the house and its employees stand. At the same time, interested people could also look behind the facades on Instagram.

Implementation: Emojis as an eye-catcher

The gigantic projection showed that there is much more to discover than expected behind the silver facade. A blue curtain opened and behind it, the viewer was greeted by well-known and popular emoji motifs - from the smiley to the unicorn to the rainbow flag. The message: As colorful and diverse as the projection image are the 23,000 people who work for the DRV Bund. And who entered the hashtag #mehrdahinter in his smartphone, could inform in detail on the spot.

Success: Career swing for the offspring

The trendy tower-high projection brightened the Berlin night and hundreds of thousands watched, in addition strengthened ads and articles in the festival media interest. Especially the young audience felt addressed and responded. The hashtag was constantly well attended on the festival days and many of them became interested in a career with the DRV Bund out of curiosity.