Focus on real estate ◆ Die Treptowers

The Treptowers as a work of art 

Idea: Transform Berlin's tallest office building into art.

The Treptowers building complex, which opened in 1998, is located directly on the Spree River. The skyscraper, which is visible from afar, houses companies, federal authorities and even an art exhibition with over 500 contemporary works of art.

With its 125m, the skyscraper stands out as the tallest office building in the capital. For the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019, it was to become an imposing work of art in full size.

Implementation: Art projection with magic mirror

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS turned the striking skyscraper into a 125-meter-high, colorful kaleidoscope. The huge projection became a sought-after photo motif among festival visitors, as the façade facing the Spree River was illuminated. The magnificent, fractal, ever-changing color play of the kaleidoscope was reflected sparklingly on the water surface of the Spree. And this fantastic reflection thrilled countless photo enthusiasts.

Result: The high art of attention

If you want to create high attention, you have to provide outstanding images. The spectacular art projection in combination with the media presence in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS multimedia channel ensured a high level of perception and a new view of the Berlin Treptowers.


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