German-Israeli relationship ◆ presented by the Embassy of Israel

Israel: Together we shine!

Idea: Cultivate relationships

Israel has been a regular partner of the Festival of Lights for many years. In 2020, the country was once again a guest in Berlin - on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Israeli-German relations. The focus was on a special aspect of these relations: Israeli culture with music, dance, visual arts and architecture.

In 2016, the Festival of Lights had already celebrated its 50th anniversary with a joint artwork by Israeli and German artists and a picture collage on the Palais am Festungsgraben. At that time, the festival was awarded the Medal of Honor of the State of Israel for the successful cooperation.

Implementation: Culture for the Eyes

In September 2020, a colorful collage shone on the Berlin State Opera, impressively presenting impressions of music, art and cultural cooperation. Under the motto "Together we shine!", musicians from Israel and Germany, for example, were brought together in the image and in relationship.

The projection was integrated into the overall staging of Bebelplatz, which extended all around from the Hotel de Rome to the law faculty of Humboldt University and St. Hedwig's Cathedral, and highlighted themes such as cohesion, solidarity and joie de vivre. The event took place on the very square where 87 years ago the National Socialists had burned thousands of books, including many works by Jewish authors.

Success: action with symbolic power

Israel gelang es, mit der Licht-Installation an geschichtsträchtiger Stelle ein starkes Zeichen für Toleranz und Freiheit zu setzen: „Together we shine!“. Unzählige Festivalbesucher blieben stehen, erkannten die Zeichen und fühlten sich als ein Teil der Gemeinschaft.



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